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Lana Lucas
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  » Sep 23, 2018  


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Frish: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Lana: I’ve always possessed an urge to be creative. My first artistic medium was metal. I’ve been doing some metal welding to create decorative tables and liquor bars. I’ve started to cover my works with paint and I’ve felt enthusiastic about artistic painting. I’ve switched to furniture painting and then, one day, received a birthday present - easel. I opened it up and left in the room as an interior decoration but was fortunate to trip over it and ask myself a question: “Why not to try to paint a picture?” And I’ve started. My first works along with happiness brought some sorrow since I’ve realized lacking techniques. So, I took a professional approach to it and got myself listed for the art school and private classes. Lucky enough, I was fortunate to meet a marvelous teacher, Natali Pele-Gadara, and it’s been 10 years of my artistic career.

Frish: Could you name the most influential artists to your development?

Lana: As you know I have passion for surrealism.

Frish: That is quite untypical for a woman.

Lana: May be so, but there are few legendary women of surrealism whom I adore: Dorothy Tanning, Leonor Fini, Leonor Carrington, Varo and few others. But, of course, there is Max Ernst and there is Salvador Dali. His colors, his thin precise line, his sense of completeness helped me a lot in figuring how to achieve an impression of a finished picture image.

Frish: What your art is all about? What are the main themes of your pictures?

Lana: I would say that my pictures are autobiographical. If you would look at them you would sense that, especially in such works as “Prophet”, “Hunt I”, and “Hunt II”. From a little unsecured girl with the ripped heart in hands to a furious well-groomed lady axing woods – its all me.

Frish: By looking at you, I would not suggest that I might see you with an axe in the woods…

Lana: That image comes from Greek mythology where furies were goddesses of revenge. There have always been allegories of these characters in art. Those emotions are attributes of human nature.

Frish: You are being credited with saying: “Every artist should occupy his/her own niche”. How one should understand that? (By the way, your website is pretty interesting, colorful, imaginative wit a great music background in “lounge” style.)

Lana: That is a rather difficult question. That’s like asking a person to describe self-character. Or asking if that person had figured own personality. I think that an artist should have original imaginative world. In those pictures has to be something distinctive, not aiming at pleasing the crowd.

Frish: Besides surrealism and visual art in general what kind of art you are interested in?

Lana: Any. I have recently discovered musicians from Billys Band. Those guys are so natural in what they do, no pretentiousness what so ever. They are for real.

Frish: New York City is the capital of everything: jazz music, Broadway musicals, and live performances. What is more appealing to you in general: live performances or rather techno images edited by TV and computers?

Lana: It depends. Sometimes I feel like going to listen to live music, live performances. Im a frequent visitor to museum exhibitions. In cinematography Ive been recently impressed by Slumdog millionaire movie. There was one incredible scene in that film when a small boy got locked up at the old wooden restroom and jumped down the hole to those human excrements with a picture of a celebrity in the hand up high and then squeezed through the crowd to get an autograph. To see the world from such an angle requires from the director an artistic vision.

Frish: Could you imagine that one day there will be a film about you, possibly a tale story based on your art images?

Lana: You know, just came to my mind the movie about Leonor Fini. She was in front of a camera in beautiful long gowns and unbelievable hats and around her were her beloved 18 cats.

Frish: What inspires you to make pictures?

Lana: I use mostly watercolors. Lately, I feel them better. And my source of inspiration artistic people. Whatever kind of art that might be.

Frish: Could you name some people who have recently made an impression on you?

Lana: As I already mentioned, musicians from Billys Band. They are so cool. I got such a positive energy boost from their music!

Frish: Do you sense yourself as being a positive person?

Lana: I guess so.

Frish: By looking at your pictures you appear to be so serious and thoughtful. There are plenty of interesting images. They are being shown on our electronic screen as we speak. I think our audience will be capable of perceiving the original nature of your artistic thinking. By the way, Lana Lucas not just simply stopped by our TV studio to have a cup of tea; she came days before the grand opening of her personal exhibition that will be taking place May 19-30 at Interart Gallery in Chelsea. The opening reception will be on May 21-st from 6 to 9 pm. Im pretty confident that our viewers are familiar with Interart Gallery that hosts exhibitions for prominent Russian artists.

Frish: Could you distinct Russian art from any other?

Lana: Absolutely. When I was looking for an art school I specifically searched for Russian approach to teaching art techniques.

Frish: What museum you would advise to visit to get familiar with surrealism?

Lana: Of course the Met. Moma. I could also name Pompidou in Paris, why not?

Frish: What is New York to you? Do you believe that it presents you with an opportunity to make your name known, to have it posted in capital letters?

Lana: I would call New York my native city. It accepted me. There are venues for success in this great city and if I wish for something and have talent, the name Lana Lucas might be posted in caps!

Frish: I have one more question out of contest. Would you name 6 things that are essential to your life?

Lana: As every human being I cannot last without food, air

Frish: I mean as an artist?

Lana: To stay creative. To share my art with people. To be motivated is a must. Of course, music and wine. And certainly love!

Frish: I would like to end our show on such a positive note. Let me thank Lana Lucas for the interview and invite everyone to the exhibition that opens up on May 19.

Lana: let me just add that opening reception will take place on May 21-st at 6pm. I would like to have all of you there, to see my pictures live. Even though digital images are pretty they fail in reflecting true character and personal feelings that I put into them. That is the main reason for you to come and see.

Frish: So, the beautiful follower of Salvador Dali is waiting for you at Interart Gallery.

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