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Lana Lucas
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Lana Lucas

Lana Lucas Lana Lucas has her origins from Vilnius, Lithuania. She has settled in New York City in the late 80’s in lust of a prominent artistic career. On the quest of her personal venue in life she has earned a degree in psychology from Long Island University. Then, her creative nature brought a young artist to the School of Visual Arts where she has taken a course on metal welding, as stainless steel has become her first medium of choice. The results of that artistic experiment have been original metallic decorative tables and liquor bars. While applying colors to metal surfaces, Lana has been feeling an unbreakable urge for painting. She had started from expressive murals at her apartment and only after a while moved on to canvas.

Mother’s Day 4 NYC Gift Whirlwind Reincarnation Murmur Summer Day Prophet   view gallery »

The very first Lana’s oil painting contained metaphorical symbols, as the sun was squeezed down joint cones shaped sand clock by the nature of metaphysical gravity. That image had haunted the artist for months and had awakened her true artistic personality.

In late 90’s, in pursuit of artistic excellence, Lana had taken private classes with a well-known art visionary Natali Pele-Gadara, and after a short brief enrolled at the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts. Upon completing her formal art training Lana reenergized a sparkling artistic career. As later on she has transitioned to watercolors, her art gained in expressiveness thru the use of vibrant colors. Critics have praised Lana’s art as strikingly original in imagery though undeniably shimmering stirring influence of such legendary surrealist artists as Dorothia Tanning, Leonor Fini, and Leonora Carrington.

With an invaluable experience of over 10 years of artistic development behind her slim shoulders, Lana has come to the pivotal point in her career, a magnificent personal art exhibition titled “Thru The Prism Of Green Eyes” at one of the prestigious Chelsea galleries of New York City, InterArt Gallery, from May 19 thru May 30, 2009.


“FEMALES ON THE FRINGE” THE CORSCADEN BARN, Keene Valley, July 1 - July 25, 2010.

“Reincarnation” RR Plastix , New York, June 23, 2010.

“Autumnal Tints,” Still Point Art Gallery, Maine, August 31 - November 8, 2009.

“Thru the prism of green eyes,” InterArt Gallery, New York, May 2009.

“Vostok 6,” Galapagos Art Space, New York, June 2007.

“Surrealism and its Affinities,” Gallery of Surrealism, New York, 2007. Catalogue .

2007 - “ArtMiami,” Miami, January 2007.

2006 - “ArtExpo,” New York, 2006.

2006 - “In The Spirit of Vry,” The Corscaden Barn, New York, August 2006.

2006 - “Dream of Venus,” The National Arts Club, New York, December 2006. Catalogue .

2006 - “The Soul Giants,” The Ultra, New York, December 2006. Featured by Fine Art Magazine.

2006 -“The Soul Giants,” The Ultra, New York, November 2006. Featured by Fine Art Magazine.

2005 -“ArtMiami,” Miami, January 2005.

2004 -“ArtExpo,” New York, 2004.


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